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American Physical Society

American Physics Society has a useful page for Women and Minorities in Physics with links for :

  • Conferences
  • Grants
  • Statistics
  • Opportunities (internships, fellowships…)
  • and helpful tips on effective practices and skills development

Read more for women here:

Read more for minorities here:

Conferences for Undergraduate Women in Physics: 

The next annual Conferences on Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP) will be in January 2020. Details about the conferences and sites will be available next fall. Most of the costs to attend these conferences are covered by the host institution. Columbia will likely be able to cover registration and travel costs (up to $100) for physics students who attend the nearest conference.

Other links:

Physics and Math Help:

  • Supper and Solves every Monday from 7-10pm in Math 508 co-hosted with WICS and AWM give students the opportunity to work on problem sets (and get free dinner) in a supportive environment
  • Physics Help Room (413 Pupin) is staffed by graduate students: M - Tr: 1pm - 7pm ; Fr: 1-3 pm
  • Math Help Room: Calc IV and higher math: 406 Math ( M-F 9-6pm
  • Calc I, II, II: 502 Milstein Center ( M-F 10-6pm
  • Tutors- reach out to us if you want us to connect you with one at [email protected]
  • The office hours of your professors (hint: no one goes! It’s 1 on 1 tutoring with your professor! Make time to go each week or make an appt time if you can’t go during their designated hours)

Physics and Math Help: Beyond the F = ma

  • The difficulty of physics classes reaches beyond the material and is heavily influenced by other forces (RE: gender, low income backgrounds, etc)
  • Know the science behind the science! You are not alone! See Read More for some articles
  • Not everyone knows as much as they might pretend to – if you’re feeling like you’re falling behind the rest of your class, know that most people in the class have felt like that at some point. Talk to your prof or mentor!

Research Testimonials from the Board (2018-2019)

Research testimonials: How we found (and manage) research on and off campus

Columbia Spectra Reading List:

Follow this link to check out some books and articles we and our members recommend: Book List

Resources from Kendall Mahn (MSU): 

resources handout

Women in Astronomy 

Check this blog out for stories and research on diversity in astronomy and astrophysics: Women in Astronomy Blog

Links to other student groups on campus that focus on underrepresented students in science and engineering:

Notes on Counseling and Psychological Services:

  • More than 50% of undergraduates will visit CPS at least once in their 4 years at Columbia.
  • How to make an appointment:
    • Call counseling to request an appointment at 212-854-2878
    • They will have an initial phone call interview to determine who to match you with (do you have preference or requests?)! This is super chill and nothing to worry about
    • Then they will make you an appointment! 
  • Drop-in Counseling (hours vary per location)
    • 100 Carman Hall
    • Intercultural Resource Center, 552 W. 114th St.
    • 210 East Campus
    • Lerner 5
    • 115 Hartley Hall
    • 649 Jerome Greene Hall (Columbia Law School)
    • 600 W. 113th St, Room 2BB
    • 208 Uris Hall (Columbia Business School)
    • Broadway Residence Hall, 556 W. 114th St., Room 102
    • 530 Mudd Building

Columbia Websites to Check Out for Health and Wellness:

Columbia resources for discrimination and harrassment:

Outside Resources:

Headspace: free meditation app at   

Online counseling:

BetterHelp at Therapy with a Licensed Counselor. Available Anytime, Anywhere You Need It.

Talkspace at confidential, affordable online therapy with professional, licensed therapists, wherever & whenever you need it

NYC Parks: exercise classes sometimes

ClassPass: this is not an ad but they are currently advertising a free month! And this allows you to go to pretty much any gym/exercise studio in the city at

Yoga to the People:

Classes*- Power Vinyasa Flow – $10 suggested donation- but otherwise free; Mat Rental – $2  (Cash only)